Add a custom relationship field (upgrade safe method)

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Add a custom relationship field (upgrade safe method)

Post by suitecrm_tutorials » Mon Apr 29, 2019 11:00 pm

This is an alternative to an older tutorial created by eggsurplus where he explains how to add column to a relationship table and then make them editable.

It's a good approach because it uses the native built-in way of handling this type of problem (where as you may need for certain fields of a given record to change depending on what module it's assigned to), but the problem is that there's a huge amount of custom coding that's taking place, some of it just to make the calendar date-picker work and it's also not upgrade safe.

This new method is a lot cleaner I find and is 100% upgrade safe.

Attaching the 2 widgets + the functions for creating the records (you'll need to adapt them to your code) + the PDF

Watch the 3 part tutorial here:

1) Intro:

2) Create the fields:

3) Make editable by end user:
Custom relationship document.pdf
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